15 Tips on How To Find a Digital Marketing Job and Answer Tough Interview Questions

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How to get a digital marketing job

A digital marketing job is one of the coolest, most engaging, and challenging jobs that you can get. Here’s why most digital marketing jobs offer new challenges on a daily basis. Whether it’s researching keywords, launching a new campaign, presenting to upper management, or managing internal (politics) and resources, being able to manage the money, drive more customers, and help shape the voice and the brand provides for a unique job opportunity that few other career fields offer. Honestly, if you are looking jobs with a good salary, you would be remiss to ignore the earning potential of a digital marketing career.

I am a digital marketing consultant that is focused primarily on SEO, however I got into digital marketing based on a quote from Zig Ziglar when I was financially struggling as a call-center rep. Paraphrasing, but good ol Zig said that if you want to make more money in this world increase the value that you offer to the world. To me that spoke volumes. So I looked at where the company I was working at the time gave the most benefits, you know: large bonuses, flexible work schedules, autonomy, and influence and impact on the direction of the company. Those guys were the sales and marketing guys.  “But I didn’t have a traditional marketing degree.”

This was close to 10 years ago and digital marketing was still emerging and to a business marketing really depends on results and ROI, not text books and theory. It basically comes down to “What can you do for me? as opposed to “What school you went to.” So just like back then in 2007 like now, it is still a great time to land a digital media marketing job with a good salary, even if you don’t have a traditional marketing degree by following the 15 tips below.

#15 Use CraigsList Job Search

Craigslist Jobs and Gigs can be a goldmine of opportunity for both veteran job seekers and new digital marketing grads.

If you haven’t search for jobs on Craigslist, you are missing out. Craigslist is typically as a place to find an apartment, a roommate, used cars and antiques locally. However, in my experience Craigslist is typically a place where you can find a job or a job posting that once your reply to a job posting it typically goes directly to that companies human resources or hiring manager for the position. Sometimes you will also find a lot of job placement agencies leveraging craigslist’s job postings on behalf of their clients too.

Posting a job on Indeed, Careerbuilder, Monster.com can be expensive for the small to mid-size company all the time. Combine that will multiple positions, company turnover, and costs can really add up. Craigslist is much cheaper (like $25-50 per post), typically you find local talent as opposed to the big job boards where a lot of the applicants can be from around the globe. 3rd party staffing agencies leverage craigslist to draw from local talent and help find the employee skillset that their client may not have been able to find otherwise.

This is good news for you as digital marketing job seeker. Simply search in the job section for terms like:

  • Digital Marketing
  • E-commerce
  • PPC
  • Social Media
  • Media
  • Online Marketing
  • UX/UI
  • Graphic Design
  • SEO
  • Paid Advertising
  • Google/Search Engines

Not only will some digital marketing companies currently hiring for those positions show up, but it even if the are hiring for a job that they you are not qualified for, these companies don’t only have one-person in their marketing teams. You can now research these companies, look up their digital footprint (LinkedIn,Facebook,Google) and apply to the role posted or offer expertise in areas that they are weak in. Either way you know now of a company that is digitally focused. If they aren’t hiring, you can also look at their competitors for a job too.

Don’t forget to took at the Craigslist Gigs sections, sometimes web designers and small businesses post for specific digital marketing skillsets that they need to outsource. Often overlooked, the Craigslist Gigs sections may hold an opportunity or two.

#14 Digital Marketing Staffing Agencies

Staffing agencies are becoming more digitally marketing focused as the demand talent increases. Now is the time to make friends.

Digital marketing staffing agencies are like your hostage negotiators with a conflict of interest. They work on the behalf their client and literally do the outreach and vetting of applicants for their client. This sounds good in theory, but the problem is how some of them are compensated, based on a percentage of your salary. Don’t get me wrong, I believe everyone should be compensated for their work, but sometimes the client themselves need to a little some work in order to get competitive talent. Meaning, it may be job but not the ideal job for creatives and/or digital marketers. Sometimes because of the staffing agency’s interest (filling the position and getting paid), they may end up pitching you on or for a job in an environment with a lot of turnover or may not match your direct skillset.

Be careful but also realize depending on your employment situation, you actually hold the leverage in the situation. If you do have digital marketing experience, then you are in the select few that may meet the criteria for their client and are open to a new job. Make some demands and trade up from your current situation. If you are relatively new to digital marketing and the agency still wants to present you to their client, you still have a bit of leverage in that they are presenting you, you can be more flexible or salary which may or may not be more beneficial to the staffing agency. Either way make them your friend.

Below are a few tips for dealing digital marketing staffing agencies:

  1. Always get the name of their client and research them online and on glass door.
  2. Always say that you’re flexible on salary, but ask them what the salary range is for position.
  3. When they ask why you’re looking, be honest but don’t bad mouth your current company.
  4. Ask them when should you expect to hear back from them or their client.
  5. Ask them what are the next steps typically, try a skype interview rather than waste time in their offices and not the clients.
  6. Ask if they have placed anyone else there at the company and if they have multiple clients looking for digital talent needs.

Utilize these tips and take their advice for improving your resume and a staffing agency may get negotiate for you better than Harvey and Mike from Suits.

#13 Make Your Cover Letter EPIC!

Don’t tell me you’re a great marketer, show me.
Who are you?
Can you sell me?
Make your story EPIC!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Most conventional cover letter advice sounds great and plays within the line but then in all likelihood lumps you in with all the other candidates. At that point its an equal playing field of degrees, experience, and work history. If you are trying to get a digital marketing job, especially if you are under qualified, you need to stand out. Having an EPIC cover letter that not only converts with words but details your ability to overcome challenges and deliver on results will separate you from the rest.

Disclaimer: Your obviously may vary.

So how do you right an epic cover letter? Everyone’s story is unique but leverage your individual story and a use these copywriting  these tips below:

  1. You are always the underdog and the hero, but never the victim in your story (Companies want “leaders”)
  2. Know your numbers (KPIs, Metrics, Industry Speak) and let them know that you are current
  3. Break the 4th wall. Acknowledge, the reader and internal dialogue he or she may be having.
  4. Reference your accolades without sounding stale or as if you are writing college essay, make it fluid
  5. Focus on your customer, it’s not about you, but it is about you. Get specific about how you can make an impact.

If you’ve crafted an epic super-hero saga about your experience and unrivaled ability an skill set to drive results for their company. Once you get into the interview stage, let them in on the secret. Let them know you know  marketing and copywriting and you used those skills on your cover letter. It’s an unspoken, proof of you’re ability to sell and market, if anything yourself.

#12 LinkedIn Part 1

LinkedIn allows recruiters to find you, but also allows you to get unprecedented access to the leadership of a potential employer.

Using LinkedIn’s job search you can easily search and apply for digital jobs in your area and nationally. One feature that puts Linkedin above other jobs boards is that you can sometimes see the HR person who posted the job. What I like to do is check who the hr person is and see if I’m connected in a group or through a mutual friend and then apply. LinkedIn let’s them know that you have views their profile and you can even possibly ask a follow up question about the company or position through LinkedIn.

Strong Recommendation: Make sure that your LinkedIn profile looked professional and is filled out with only relevant digital marketing experience. Linkedin allows you apply using your profile and your resume. I have personally heard from HR and recruiters that hiring managers may skip over your resume to look at only at your Linkedin Profile which if you’re in digital marketing may not be most up to date work experience, especially if you freelance. So make sure it’s up to snuff and uses a lot of digital marketing terms.

Key Tip: If you are struggling to figure out how to make your profile more professional and what digital marketing terms to use. Here’s what I did for my first digital marketing job. I pulled 4-5 digital robust marketing jobs descriptions and responsibilities and looked up what experience I had through building websites and online affiliate marketing and translated it into “corporate speak.”

# 11, 10, 9 Marketing Jobs Boards & Alerts

Job boards are where you begin your search, but not where it ends.

Job boards are where you start your job search, but definitely not where it ends. Imagine that job boards are like clues and you are Sherlock Holmes from an episode of Elementary. You can learn a lot from the jobs like Indeed, CareerBuilder, Monster.com, Dice and ZipRecruiter, but that digital marketing specialist, social media coordinator, or content manager position is only the first step. You have to leverage these jobs postings as clues to find more jobs and companies looking for your skill set. Below are like clues you can learn from a simple job posting that may lead to other opportunities.

Clues to more Jobs Opportunities

  1. This company’s industry has a need for digital marketing –  What other competitors need Digital?
  2. Who are the owners and marketing folk for this company? Will LinkedIn offer any insight? Where did they work before?
  3. Who are the partners and clients for this company? Do they need digital?
  4. Apply thorough indeed and the company website. Do they have other digital positions?

Bottomline, the job posting on the job board is just a starting place for more research.

Top Job Boards

  1. Indeed
  2. ZipRecruiter
  3. Careerbuilder/Monster

# 08 Craft Your Resume To The Job Description

Your resume should fit like a custom tailored shoot for your ideal job. It’s more work, but why leave it to chance?

Hiring managers tell you exactly what they are looking for to be considered for the position. However most applicants fight against it and just submit general resume and hope that recruiters and human resources can make the connection between your skillset and the job description.

Having been on the other side in the hiring process and seeing human resources specialists bring in candidates that were clearly unqualified for the position, illuminates that disconnect between the hiring manager and human resources. So why not put yourself in the best position possible by crafting your resume to the job description to get your foot in the door. Yes it takes work but the shotgun approach of sending your general resume to job description are done. Yes you might get lucky on a few and land a phone interview, but this a crucial first step to setting yourself apart from the other candidates.

So use the same language that is in the job description.

#7 Leverage Your Existing Contacts

Your friends and family may work at company has a digital opening. If not, their company may spark some ideas.

This is one really simple. Make a list of your family and friends and their place of employment. Check out their company websites and job boards. Even if they don’t have a marketing position open, that industry may have competitors or associations that may have a marketing department.

Personal story, my very first real job (not digital marketing) was at a company that one of college buddies worked at in New York and they had a satellite office in my hometown. I actually passed it on the highway and saw the company sign on the building and made the mental note to further research the company when I went home. It was during the point when I didn’t really know what I wanted to do but it was a job in finance. While on the job a co-worker piqued my interest about doing affiliate marketing and the rest was history. This was years ago, but you never know how your friends and family can spark an unforeseen opportunity.

#6 ,5, 4 Top 3 Job Search Apps and Alerts

Setting up your digital marketing apps and job alerts is a good way to keep an eye for a new marketing opportunity.

Indeed Job AppIndeed Job App:

Indeed is a nifty little job search app because they send you wrap-up of  the jobs postings available every few days to your email.

The layout of this apps is simple and you can search and filter by location, relevancy, and age of posting.

Be mindful to sort by both newness and by relevancy. Sometimes you can miss some opportunities because the newest opportunity was not listed in the beginning.




LinkedIn Job AppLinkedIn App:

I am referring to the normal LinkedIn App not their Job App. I don’t really see any real benefit for having both of them unless you have a Job Seeker Premium account and even then the benefits of the premium account is questionable.

The Linkedin App allows to you to search and apply through LinkedIn to job posts that allow that.

If you’re looking while at work and can’t use your work computer to search, this app is good way to both search and apply and research the companies leadership.

The biggest issue I have is that the geo-location or area search/filter is really limited to big cities.



Zip Recruiter Job App

ZipRecruiter Job App:

This app is really the has the best geo-location filter/search and alerts out of all three apps.

This app allows you to specify within how many miles that you want search for jobs near a zip code not only the large nearby city.

This app sends you daily alerts for new job opportunities that allow you to apply via mobile and they keep your resume on file.

This app is simple fast and has the best geo-location filtering/search functionality that I have seen.

#02 LinkedIn Part 2

LinkedIn groups are a very awesome way to establish digital marketing connections and find digital marketing opportunities.

LinkedIn groups are great ways to make connections. There is a likely a digital or web marketing group in your closest big city. Join these groups, make friends, ask questions, comment, and like and share content. Here’s why: The recent trend in job posting I have seen is small team or hr professionals posting job opportunities on their personal Linkedin and within these groups. These announcement will show up in your LinkedIn feed if you are connected to these group professionals. Yes, this is long play and probably good to do if you are looking for a job while currently having a job but you can find some good little advertised or a jump on a new opportunity by socializing.

# 1 Show and Prove

If you are new to digital, you are essentially asking somebody to take a risk on you on something that is as valuable as there corporate digital marketing. It only makes sense to do what you can say you can do for yourself first. Show and Prove.

Don’t wait for someone to hire you to become a digital marketing expert. Read, try, experiment, freelance on buddies websites. Here’s the thing is that digital marketing is still so new starting small and tracking your results for your own sites or your friends sites or businesses can supplement a resume that doesn’t scream digital marketing. The challenge with digital marketing is that there are traditional marketing, communication, journalism degrees which provides a solid education in marketing/writing, however the irony is that digital marketing experience comes from well…digital experience.

Savvy hiring managers are looking not only for skill set, culture fits, initiative, but ultimately can you do the job. Smaller businesses that don’t have clear defined marketing roles or mid-to-large online marketing department are looking for results. If you are trying to get your foot into digital marketing, start there but show up with proof from sites you own or worked on and the google analytics and processes you used to achieve results.

Know what you know. Be able to articulate and prove what you know. Nobody ever said that you couldn’t show up with a powerpoint presentation to a job interview. Set yourself apart!

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